Guangzhou Yufeng bag Co., Ltd. is a collection of design, development and production of handbags industry and trade in one of the company, we according to the customer's custom and renowned counterparts at home and abroad! Main products: canvas bag yarn mesh bag bag bag cosmetic bag bag wine bag reworked material environmental protection bag biodegradable/full degradable bags waterproof wear-resisting durable material shopping bag dress suit sets of environmental dazzle colour color PVC/TPU gift bag, the material toughness, durable, beautiful, washable, can provide the sample follow the customer request, printing company LOGO and slogan!

    In the environmental protection consciousness is becoming more and more environmental protection bag product system requirements, with novel design, reliable product quality and rapid market response, a strong sense of time, the good faith management strong today, environmental protection bags have been accepted by many advanced countries and the promotion, we will continue to adhere to the principle of "equality and mutual benefit", and is committed to a variety of forms, multi-level expand domestic and foreign markets, wholeheartedly with the domestic and foreign merchants contact negotiations, to establish a long-term good cooperation partnership, create a more ideal performance. Our philosophy is: make good products, do practical quote real prices. We are committed to exporting our products to many countries and regions. The pursuit of first-class quality, good service to customers, is the company staff unswerving goal. Sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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Roll up backpack bag?

Roll up backpack bag?

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