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Roll up backpack bag

Yufeng Bag Industry helps customers customize multifunctional roll up backpack bags, which are backpacks with multiple practical functions, usually including roll up design, detachable shoulder straps, multiple storage spaces, and other features. The following are the steps to make a multifunctional roll up backpack:

1. Design backpack: Based on customer needs and design requirements, design the size, shape, color, pattern, etc. of the backpack. At the same time, determine the functional requirements of the backpack, such as roll up design, detachable shoulder straps, multiple storage spaces, etc.

2. Fabric selection: Choose fabrics suitable for backpack use, such as nylon, canvas, Oxford cloth, etc. Considering the durability and waterproofing of the backpack, a fabric with a waterproof coating can be chosen.

3. Production version: Based on the design drawings, create a version for cutting and sewing.

4. Fabric cutting: Cut the fabric into the desired shape and size according to the pattern making.

5. Sewing backpack: Sew the cut fabric according to the design requirements. First, sew the main body of the backpack, and then sew accessories such as the roll up, shoulder straps, zippers, etc.

6. Install the curling mouth: Sew the curling mouth part onto the main body of the backpack, so that it can be easily rolled up and fixed.

7. Install detachable shoulder straps: Install the metal buckle of the detachable shoulder strap in an appropriate position on the backpack, making it easy to disassemble and install.

8. Create storage space: According to design requirements, create multiple storage spaces inside the backpack, such as zippered pockets, embedded pockets, etc.

9. Inspection: Conduct quality inspection on finished products to ensure they meet relevant standards and customer requirements.

10. Packaging: Pack the backpack that has passed the inspection and prepare for shipment.

With the above steps, you can create a multifunctional roll up backpack. In the design and production process, adjustments can be made based on customer and market needs to meet the needs of different consumers.

Introduction to Yufeng Bag Industry's Backpack Bag:

A backpack is a package used to carry personal items, usually made of materials such as cloth, leather, nylon, etc. The main types of backpacks include large backpacks, medium backpacks, and small backpacks, which have different capacities and functions and are suitable for different scenarios and needs. Large backpacks are typically used for long-distance travel and outdoor adventures, with a capacity of over 50 liters and multiple compartments and pockets inside for easy sorting and storage of items. The medium-sized backpack is suitable for short distance travel and urban life, with a capacity between 30-50 liters, a simple design, and easy to carry and use. A small backpack is suitable for daily use, with a capacity of less than 30 liters, lightweight, compact, and convenient to carry.

The material and craftsmanship of backpacks also have high requirements, requiring waterproof, wear-resistant, lightweight and other characteristics. Modern backpacks usually use high-tech materials such as nylon and polyester fibers, which have excellent waterproof performance, wear resistance, and portability. The backpack's carrying system, loading system, and external system have also been carefully designed to improve comfort and convenience.