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Fluorescent Green cosmetic bag

Product introduction
The fluorescent green makeup bag is mainly made of transparent PVC and PUPU fluorescent leather, frosted material or fabric.


category: Advertising gifts

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Yufeng Bag Industry has launched a new fluorescent green makeup bag, which is a fashionable and personalized makeup tool storage bag. Its feature is the use of eye-catching fluorescent green tones, which can stand out among many cosmetics. The following is a detailed introduction to the fluorescent green makeup bag:

1. Appearance design: Fluorescent green makeup bags usually adopt a simple and fashionable design style, with PU fluorescent green and outer transparent PVC as the main color tones, paired with other auxiliary colors, to display a vibrant atmosphere. The body of the bag may be made of transparent PVC and smooth PU leather, frosted material, or fabric, providing a comfortable touch and easy cleaning.

2. Internal structure: The fluorescent green makeup bag has a well-designed internal structure, usually including multiple compartments, pockets, and slots, making it convenient for users to classify and store various cosmetics. For example, lipstick slot, eye shadow tray slot, powder slot, etc. can be set to quickly find the required items.

3. Capacity size: The capacity of fluorescent green makeup bags varies, with a variety of options including small portable, medium daily, and large travel styles. Users can choose the appropriate size based on their own needs and usage scenarios.

4. Carrying method: Fluorescent green makeup bags are usually portable and can be carried by hand, crossbody, or in a backpack. Some styles also come with metal chains, which can be used as handbags.

5. Target audience: The fluorescent green makeup bag is suitable for young women who pursue fashion and individuality, as well as friends who enjoy outdoor activities and travel. In addition, due to its bright colors, it is also suitable for performance on stage.

The PVC splicing fluorescent green makeup bag brings users a convenient and fashionable makeup experience with its unique color and design style. When choosing, you can choose suitable styles and sizes based on personal preferences and usage needs.

Customizable styles for makeup bags include: