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Organic cotton canvas handbag

Product introduction
Soybean fiber canvas bags are widely used in daily life, such as shopping, traveling, and picnics, and are gradually being favored as environmentally friendly alternatives. Meanwhile, with the increasing global awareness of environmental protection, the m



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Soybean fiber canvas bags have the following characteristics:

1. * * Environmental friendliness * *: Soybean fiber is a renewable resource, and its production process has a relatively small impact on the environment. In addition, soybean fiber canvas bags are easy to degrade after use and will not cause long-term pollution to the environment.

2. * * Comfort * *: Soybean fiber has good moisture absorption and breathability, making the canvas bag dry and comfortable during use.

3. * * Durability * *: Soybean fiber canvas bags have high strength and wear resistance, and can be reused multiple times, reducing the usage of disposable plastic bags.

4. * * Aesthetics * *: Soybean fiber canvas bags can be designed in various colors and patterns, which are both practical and fashionable.

When customizing canvas bags, the following requirements need to be considered:

1. * * Material Selection * *: Canvas materials are mainly divided into polyester canvas and cotton canvas, with different thicknesses to choose from. Colors usually include semi bleached, natural, red, and black.

2. * * Style Design * *: Choose structures such as bottomless, side less, or pentagonal according to your needs, and determine the cutting and splicing methods of the fabric.

3. * * Personalized Design * *: Provide original design patterns and text to express personal emotions and memories.

4. * * Sewing process * *: The sewing thread should be fine, dense, and neat to ensure the firmness of the canvas bag.

5. * * Sample Making * *: If necessary, conduct a sample making process to confirm whether the printing, dimensions, and stitching details meet expectations.

6. * * Packing and Packaging * *: Pack and pack according to customer requirements to ensure product quality and appearance.

7. * * Quantity requirement * *: Small batch customization usually requires a minimum order of 30, while large batch customization requires a minimum order of 400.

8. * * Size reference * *: Provide regular sizes or customize according to the size provided by the customer.

9. * * Color Selection * *: Provide standard color schemes or choose according to customer needs.

10. * * Accessories * *: You can add zippers, snap fasteners, magnetic buckles, inner bags, change handles in other colors, sew and weave labels according to customer needs.

11. * * Printing process * *: You can choose from UV color printing, screen printing, hot stamping, digital direct spraying, embroidery and other printing processes, such as heat transfer printing, to ensure the clarity and fullness of patterns and text..

12. * * Precautions * *: You can make a sample first, and then proceed with the bulk production after the sample is satisfactory; The sample fee varies depending on the printing process; The production is all manually sewn, and there may be a 1-2cm error in size.

When customizing organic cotton bags, Yufeng Bag Industry needs to fully consider the above requirements to ensure the quality of the final product and meet customer needs.

Introduction to Guangzhou Yufeng Bag Industry Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Yufeng Bag Industry Co., Ltd. is a company that integrates design, development, and production of handbags with industry and trade. We are renowned among domestic and foreign peers for customizing according to our customers! Our main products include: canvas bags, yarn mesh bags, woven bags, paper bags, makeup bags, school bags, wine bags, environmentally friendly recycled materials, handbags, biodegradable/fully biodegradable packaging bags, waterproof and wear-resistant materials, shopping bags, dress sets, suit sets, environmentally friendly colorful PVC/TPU gift bags. The materials used are tough, durable, beautiful, and washable. We can provide samples according to customer requirements, and print the company logo and advertising slogans!

In today's world where environmental awareness increasingly demands the production of environmentally friendly bag products, innovative designs, reliable product quality, rapid market response, strong time awareness, and strong integrity management, environmentally friendly bags have been accepted and promoted by many advanced countries. We will continue to adhere to the principle of "equality and mutual benefit", be committed to exploring domestic and foreign markets in various forms and at multiple levels, and sincerely contact and negotiate with domestic and foreign customers to establish long-term and good partnership relationships, and jointly create more ideal performance. Our philosophy is to manufacture good products, do practical things, and offer real prices. We are committed to exporting our products to multiple countries and regions. Pursuing first-class quality and serving customers well is the unwavering goal of the company's employees. Sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you!