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Handbag with webbing

Product introduction

model:Portable style

category: Bottomless

  • Product details

[Thickness]: 100 grams

[Product name]: PE webbing woven bag

[Name]: PE portable woven bag with colored webbing

[Material]: PE

[Technology]: Blowing and wire-drawing weaving on the machine, 15CM PE sheet car bottom organ, double-line fixed hand-held bag mouth car, hand-held color webbing with a width of 8CM, two lengths of 56CM.

[Product size]: The size of the bag body can be customized according to customer requirements

[Color]: Gray bag body, hand-held color, can be customized according to your requirements

[Suitable]: Used for storage and advertising

[Suitable for enterprises]: advertising bags, eco-friendly bags, shopping bags, handbags, corporate outdoor activities packaging bags

[Packing method]: 25 per bundle, 300 pieces per box

[Minimum order quantity]: 5000PCS