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Full version red hand woven bag with film covering

Product introduction
The woven bag with bottom and no side film is printed with red single print and black logo. The white part is hollowed out. It is made of 5cm wide blank pressing line.

model:Bottom without side

category: Double handed reinforcement

  • Product details

[thickness]: 110g after coating

[product name]: coated hand woven bag

[product name]: Red coated hand woven bag

[material]: PP woven material

[process]: press printing on copper plate, double material lamination, blank holder line

[product size]: the general size is: 30 * 40 * 10,

[color]: you can make goods according to the Pantone color number of the customer

[suitable]: gift, storage

[suitable for enterprises]: advertising bag, gift bag, enterprise outdoor activity packaging bag

[packing method]: 200 in a box

[order quantity]: 2000pcs