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Peritoneal woven bag

Product introduction
The hand-held woven bag is made of brand-new materials. The body of the bag is printed beautifully. The bag body and the hand-held part are reinforced. The style has a bottom and a side

model:Coated color printing

category: Durable and beautiful

  • Product details

[thickness]: 100g after coating

[product name]: coated hand woven bag

[product name]: hand woven bag with color printing and lamination

[material]: PP woven material

[process]: machine printing on copper plate, double material film covering, sewing bag

[product size]: the general size is: 30 * 40 * 10,

[color]: you can make goods according to the Pantone color number of the customer

[suitable]: gift, storage

[suitable for enterprises]: advertising bag, gift bag, enterprise outdoor activity packaging bag

[packing method]: 200 in a box

[order quantity]: 2000pcs