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Color printed cotton bag

Product introduction
This product is made of 16A cotton cloth, and the size is 45 * 36 * 12. The printing is printed on the artificial platform with film set position. The sewing is bound and the bag is turned over. There is a small pocket inside. The hand-held part is made o

model:Color screen printing

category: Soft and durable

  • Product details

[thickness]: 16 A

[product name]: color printed cotton environmental protection bag

[product name]: 16 a cotton environmental protection bag

[material]: cotton cloth

[process]: sewing and turning bag, double-sided color printing can be customized

[product size]: the general size is: 30 * 40 * 10,

[color]: color can be selected according to our cotton color card

[fit]: leisure, storage

[suitable for enterprises]: advertising bag, gift bag, cotton environmental protection bag, enterprise outdoor activity packaging bag

One package: 75

[order quantity]: 2000pcs