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Color printing PE fruit and vegetable packaging bag

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Color-printed PE plastic packaging bags-this type of packaging bags are produced with completely degradable plastics, which have completely degradable properties. The product can be completely degraded into small molecule microorganisms when thrown away in the wild without any environmental pollution. Such plastic shopping bags are promoted abroad. According to the specific composition of the completely degradable plastic, it can be divided into the following three categories:

(1) PLA and PHA biodegradable plastics composed of natural starch as a raw material through a biological fermentation method require a lot of food, so the development space is limited.

(2) The aliphatic polycarbonate (APC) degradable plastic composed of carbon dioxide as the material. It uses the industrial by-product carbon dioxide as the material, which not only consumes food, but also reduces the emission of carbides. Elimination of global warming caused by greenhouse gases will kill two birds with one stone, so the market prospects are broad.

(3) Adding non-starch degradants to complete degradation products in ordinary plastics is in the industrialization stage. If the degradation performance is solid, it has a bright future.

  Material: Biodegradable PE\PO

       Size: customized

       Printing: customized

       Thickness: customized as required

       Quantity: 30,000 for color printing, 5,000 for monochrome