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Organic cotton handbag

Product introduction
The original intention of Organic cotton cloth bags instead of disposable plastic bags is to let enterprises use them as much as possible, so that each enterprise can develop a more environmentally friendly habit, and at the same time, make the enterprise

model:Portable shoulder bag

category: handbag

  • Product details

[Thickness]: 16A

[Product name]: Organic cotton handbag

[Product Name]: 16 An Cotton Handbag

[Material]: organic cotton cloth

[Process]: Sewn hemmed bags, silk screen printing, double-sided embroidery can be customized according to requirements

[Product size]: The general size is: 30 * 40 * 10. It can be customized according to requirements,

[Color]: You can choose the color according to our company's cotton color card

[Suitable]: Casual, storage

[Suitable for enterprises]: Advertising bags, gift bags, cotton eco-friendly bags, outdoor activity packaging bags for enterprises

[Packaging Method]: 80 pieces packed in one box

[Minimum order quantity]: 2000PCS