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Recycled canvas eco-friendly bag

Product introduction
The above style products can be customized according to the requirements, and the processes are: screen printing, Digital printing, and heat transfer printing. Sewing and edging.


category: Recycled cloth bag

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Recycled canvas eco-friendly bag. They are naturally degradable, but the cost is high, so it is difficult to implement. However, the durability and firmness of canvas bags are much higher than those of non-woven bags, and the cost-effectiveness is still very high. However, the cost is too high to be suitable for large-scale promotion and use, so non-woven bags have not been popularized

The material of the canvas bag is the same as that of the cotton bag. Cotton comes from nature. It is said to be environmentally friendly

The biggest cost of eco-friendly canvas bags is fabric. Some non-woven bags use environmentally friendly ink. Generally speaking, they will not cut corners to save some money. So it can be called environmentally friendly

Durable and sturdy. I noticed that the fabric of the eco-friendly canvas bag has been in use for two years and has not been damaged at all. It's just that some places have threads, so the workmanship is very exquisite. This started from the time of promotion

There are many fabrics and patterns in canvas eco-friendly bags, most of which are delicate and flat, with good printing and imaging effects

It is relatively easy to clean. After washing, there will be a slight deformation because the cotton will shrink. This is much better than non-woven fabric.

Black canvas gift bag

Size: customized

Thickness: 14A canvas

Handheld: Bag body material

Printing: Single color silk screen printing

Method: With side and bottom

Canvas bags, as a type of environmentally friendly bags, have gradually entered people's lives. Adding some design elements to the bag can add different flavors. The popularization of canvas bags has made great contributions to environmental protection. Canvas bags are not only environmentally friendly, but also versatile. Canvas bag: This kind of bag is mainly used to print the logos and Advertising slogan of businesses on it, playing the role of mobile billboards.