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Blue nylon mesh shopping bag

Product introduction
Blue plastic mesh bags belong to the commonly used containers in the packaging industry, which belong to the plastic packaging bag category in the packaging container category. Plastic mesh bags are usually made of PE or PP materials, and the color and si


category: Garment turnover portable mesh bag

  • Product details

Name: Brand new blue high density nylon mesh tote bag

Material: gray nylon mesh

Size: customized according to the size of the customer's product

Quantity: Minimum order 1500pcs

Usage: clothing chain store turnover bag

Introduction: A simple and fashionable nylon hand-held mesh shopping bag,

Products can be ordered in black or gray.

The printing is made using artificial screen walking, silk screen printing on high-density mesh panels.

The hand-carrying part is beaten X and transparent PVC parts are added to the bag mouth to reinforce the firmness of the bag mouth in the hand.