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Polyester canvas tote bag

Product introduction
The canvas tote bag is made of 14-safety polyester encrypted canvas, the bag opening is 12cm thick, and the mouth is sewn with a zipper. The body of the bag is used for the hand, and the bag is printed on both sides in yellow.

model:One-shoulder hand carry

category: Bottom and no side

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Canvas tote bags are more environmentally friendly. They are naturally degradable, but the cost is high, so it is difficult to implement. However, the durability and firmness of canvas bags are much higher than that of non-woven bags, and the cost performance is still high, but the cost is too high to be suitable for large-scale promotion and use, so non-woven bags have not been popularized

The material of the canvas bag is the same as that of the cotton bag. Cotton is taken from nature. It is said to be environmentally friendly

The biggest cost of environmentally friendly canvas bags is fabric. Some non-woven bags use environmentally friendly inks. Generally speaking, they will not cut corners to save a little money. So it can be called environmentally friendly

strong and sturdy. I noticed that the fabric of the eco-friendly canvas bag has been used for two years and it hasn't been damaged at all. It's just that some places have wires, so the workmanship is very exquisite. This is from the time of publicity

Canvas eco-friendly bags have more fabrics, more lines, most of them are delicate and smooth, and the printing and imaging effect is very good

It is easier to clean. There will be a little deformation after washing, because the cotton will shrink. This is much better than non-woven fabrics.

Tote canvas bag

Size: 40*35.5*12

Thickness: 14A canvas

Handle: bag body

Printing: digital printing

Method: Flip the bag at the bottom of the bag, sewn a No. 5 zipper at the mouth of the bag

Minimum order quantity: 1000