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Guangdong Painting Academy Non-woven Tote Bag

Product introduction
The non-woven tote bag from the Guangdong Academy of Fine Arts is a cloth bag with black printed gold stitching and a side bottom, ordered by the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.


category: Ad storage

  • Product details

[Thickness]: 90 grams

[Product Name]: Non-woven bag

[Name]: Non-woven tote bag from Guangdong Art Academy

[Material]: Non-woven fabric

[Craft]: Printed gold, with side and bottom, sewn overlock

[Product size]: The size of the bag body can be customized according to customer requirements

[Color]: can be customized according to customer requirements

[Suitable]: Used for storage and advertising

[Suitable for enterprises]: advertising bags, environmental protection bags, shopping bags, handbags, outdoor packaging bags for companies

[Packing method]: 120 pieces in a box

[Minimum order quantity]: 2000PCS