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Denim stitching canvas eco-friendly bag

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Denim stitching canvas eco-friendly bag

The denim, canvas and PVC leather purchased back will be opened according to the required size of the product

Open the hand-held materials on the machine to pull the handle

Denim pouch is buckled with machine glue

Glue the stitching parts of denim and canvas

Hot stamping of LOGO on the square PVC and rectangular PVC

Two-color silk-printed canvas on the back

The front embossed LOGO part is centered and sewn according to the requirements of the bag

Denim front pocket and bottom denim stitching stitching

Two-piece canvas material on locomotive handle

The front panel of the bag body is stitched with 9 rivets

Put all the spliced materials together and lock the bag

After the finished product is finished, reduce the thread head and turn the bag to clean the body of the bag.

Size: 28*38

Material: denim, canvas, PVC leather, studs

Thickness: 14

Bearing weight: 5KG

Quantity: Order from 1000

Box gauge: 420*290*420

Packing: 50 pcs/carton