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Blue coated woven bag

Product introduction
Exported blue film-covered hand-woven woven bag, as shown in the picture, the double-sided blue bag is printed in single color, the hand is 5CM wide blue bag body, the bag body is blue non-woven edging strip and the blue bag body is sewn. Hemming.

model:Hand-held, film-coated

category: Waterproof and durable

  • Product details

The film-covered portable woven bag is a woven bag with a bright and transparent appearance made of brand-new materials.

For portable woven bags, the production process is: mixing → drawing → knitting → printing → cutting → sewing → packaging. The more detailed requirements are:

The raw material ratio, temperature and elongation ratio should be controlled during the drawing process. The weaving process should control the density. The sewing process should try to prevent needle removal, thread breakage, and snapping off.

[Thickness]: 110 grams after coating

[Product Name]: Laminated portable woven bag

[Name]: Blue film-covered portable woven bag

[Material]: PP braid

[Process]: Machine printing on copper plate, bi-material laminating, edging car line

[Product size]: The general size is: 30*40*10. Can be customized according to requirements,

[Color]: can be made according to the customer's Pantone color number

[Suitable]: Gifts, storage

[Suitable for enterprises]: advertising bags, gift bags, corporate outdoor activities packaging bags

[Packing method]: 200 pieces in a box

[Minimum order quantity]: 2000PCS