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Orange PU Gift Bag

Product introduction
The orange PU gift bag tote is made of the front material of the bag body, the body of the bag is stitched together with orange and green PU, and the mouth of the bag is made of No. 3 zipper.

model:Orange hand style

category: Travel storage

  • Product details

The following is an introduction to the three different sizes of waist bag sizes:

1. Small Pu waist bag: A small waist bag with a volume of less than 3 liters is a small waist bag. The small waist bag can be used as a personal waist bag. It is mainly used to store valuables such as money, ID cards, and bank cards. This waist bag is more suitable for work, business trips and daily use. If you tie them in a coat, they will not show mountains and dew. The anti-theft function is naturally good, but the disadvantage is that the capacity is too small.

2. Medium Pu waist bag: With a volume of 3 liters, only a 10 liter waist bag can be classified as a medium waist bag. Medium waist bags are widely used in outdoor waist bags. It has a wide variety and powerful functions. It can be used to load larger items such as cameras and water bottles. It is the preferred pocket for outdoor activities.

3. Large Pu waist bag: A waist bag with a volume of more than 10 liters is a big waist bag. This waist bag is suitable for carrying a day of outdoor activities and daily life. Because most single shoulder straps are equipped with a single shoulder strap.

Orange PU gift bag:

Size: can be customized according to the customer's design size and samples

Method: According to the method of the product map, it can also be customized according to the customer's requirements

Printing: Printing according to the design drawings provided by the customer

Quantity: The minimum order is 1000

If you want to inquire more, please contact customer service according to the contact information at the bottom of the page.