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Polyester backpack eco-friendly bag

Product introduction
A bright red foldable storage backpack environmental protection bag, travel large-capacity products.


category: Durable storage

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Polyester backpack eco-friendly bag:

Polyester cloth travel shopping bags are made of high-quality fine-denier large chemical fiber yarns. Polyester (polyester) fiber needle-punched filter felts are produced with advanced equipment. Various fibers can be uniformly and quantitatively mixed. Multiple cotton mixing units and carding units are used to facilitate Different fibers between the fiber webs are layered and composited and changed in gradient.


Polyester cloth bag has the unique advantages of ordinary felt filter cloth, such as high porosity, good air permeability, high dust collection efficiency, long service life, etc., because of its moderate temperature resistance level, it can reach 150 ℃ in an instant, and its acid and alkali resistance are moderate. In addition, it has very good wear resistance, so it is one of the most used varieties of felt filter materials.

Product advantages:

The smoothness of the surface of the polyester cloth bag filter material is better for the cleaning effect when using a woven fabric with a large air permeability to make a filter bag than a woven fabric with a small air permeability. Therefore, under the condition of ensuring that the filter material reaches a higher filtering accuracy, the air permeability and surface smoothness of the filter material are improved, dust adhesion is reduced, and running resistance is reduced.

Specific customized requirements are as follows:

[Thickness]: According to the conventional thickness of polyester bags

[Product name]: Polyester backpack environmental protection bag

[Name]: Waterproof polyester backpack environmental protection bag

[Material: Polyester

[Process]: The double-sided printing of waterproof polyester fabric is shown in the figure, and the sewing style of the hemming can be customized

[Product size]: The size of the bag body can be customized according to customer requirements

[Color]: can be customized according to customer requirements

[Suitable]: Used for storage and advertising

[Suitable for enterprises]: advertising bags, environmental protection bags, shopping bags, handbags, outdoor packaging bags for companies

[Packing method]: 60 pieces in a box

[Minimum order quantity]: 1000PCS