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PVC Symphony Gift Bag

Product introduction
The Symphony PVC gift bag is a magic weapon for fashion packaging, giving people a cool, fashionable and futuristic sense.

model:Makeup gift bag

category: Irregular style

  • Product details

Symphony PVC gift bag is a kind of plastic bag, which is a kind of plastic bag processed with PVC film.

Use: According to the different thickness of the Symphony PVC film and the different uses, PVC bags, cosmetic gift bags, stationery gift bags, craft jewelry gift bags, and other product packaging. Many high-end product manufacturers generally choose Symphony PVC bags for packaging, beautifully attire products, and upgrade product grades, but their prices are more expensive than OPP bags/PE bags, etc.

There are two production processes:

1: High-frequency hot-pressed PVC gift bags, that is, after the PVC roll film is cut into pieces, the ones that need to be printed are silk-screened first (usually PVC is mostly silk-printed), and then hot-pressed with a high-frequency machine. Customize the copper mold and then produce it. Hot-pressed PVC bags can be pressed into PVC sleeve bags, PVC welted bags, PVC toothless zipper bags, PVC handbags, PVC ziplock bags and other styles.

2: After the sewing PVC gift bag is cut and printed, it is directly sewn with sewing machine thread such as flat car or high car. Generally, there are nylon zippers and other accessories.

[Thickness]: 30 silk

[Product Name]: Symphony Makeup Gift Bag

[Name]: pvc magic color gift bag

[Material]: PVC Symphony

[Process]: Silk screen, sewing

[Product size]: can be customized according to the production order

[Color]: Symphony colors can be customized

[Suitable]: packaging, product advertisements, gifts, etc.

[Suitable for enterprises]: advertising bags, gift bags, flat pockets, corporate outdoor activities packaging bags

[Packing method]: a single set of plastic bags, 120 pieces in a box

[Minimum order quantity]: can be customized according to requirements, the minimum order is 1,000.