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Linen environmental protection bag

Product introduction
The linen eco-friendly bag used for tea packaging is durable and moisture-proof, and the fabric of the bag body is wear-resistant.


category: Practical and durable packaging

  • Product details

The material of the linen eco-friendly bag is mainly hemp plant fibers such as linen, ramie, jute, sisal, and banana. Linen products are breathable, fresh, soft, comfortable, washable, sun-proof, corrosion-resistant, and antibacterial.

Generally used to make casual clothes and work clothes, but also can be used to make environmentally friendly packaging, fashion handbags, craft gifts, food, exquisite small sacks, pet supplies, cement product maintenance, craft paintings and calligraphy, architectural decoration, store decoration, hardware packaging bags, roads Maintenance, etc., environmentally friendly products, new-type boards, hunting supplies, garden supplies, craft shoes and hats, exquisite hang tags, foreign ship supplies, etc. It has the advantages of high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction, and good air permeability.

Wash with water, do not use boiled, warm or cold water;

Use detergent, do not soak for a long time, gently scrub after soaking for a short time, and wash the linen in time, do not pile together for a long time, it will fade. Do not use other cotton for cleaning.

Dry flat, do not twist, fold, do not expose to the sun, and yellowing will occur. Pick it up in time after drying.

Flat-air ironing temperature should not be too high, if the temperature is too high, it will damage the internal structure and cause damage to the fabric. It is best to cover a layer of white cloth when ironing to keep the bright color.

Different colors are used for cleaning. When washing some faded black linen, you can add a little strong tea or coffee to the water. In this way, the washed linen will be bright and strong. After the colored linen is washed, you can add two glasses of beer to the rinse water to make the faded linen as bright as new.

Its disadvantage is that it is uncomfortable to wear and its appearance is rough and rigid.

This bag is made of cotton yarn. It is a pure natural green product. The cloth bag is tough and durable, beautiful in appearance, good in air permeability, reusable, and washable. It can block advertisements and marks, and has a long service life. Applicable to any business or industry as advertising and gifts.

Sack manufacturers use cotton yarn as raw material, which is breathable, soft, light, non-combustible, easy to decompose, non-toxic, non-irritating, and recyclable. When burning, it is non-toxic, tasteless, without residual substances, and does not pollute the environment. Sack is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly product to protect the earth's ecology.

Good breathability and sweating.

Comfortable, anti-itching, compatible with the skin, acidic pH, non-irritating to the skin, meeting environmental protection and human health requirements.

It can improve sleep, use cotton and linen cloth to keep the human body warm, increase microcirculation blood flow, effectively regulate the nervous system, dredge the meridians, and improve sleep quality.

The disadvantage of cotton sacks is that they are easy to shrink and wrinkle, and their appearance is untidy and beautiful. Must be ironed frequently while wearing.

Cotton bag screen printing belongs to manual water-based ink printing on non-woven fabrics. The advantages are: there are not too many requirements for the quantity, the price is relatively low, and the disadvantages are: too many printing colors, relatively slow speed, and more complicated printing patterns. The color is not necessarily accurate, and neither gradient nor shadow is done. It is very easy to use!

[Thickness]: can be customized according to the sample

[Product name]: Portable linen environmental protection bag

[Name]: Jute bag

[Material]: Jute cloth

[Process]: Generally sewing and silk screen

[Product size]: The size of the bag body can be customized according to customer requirements

[Color]: can be customized according to the color on the cloth card

[Suitable]: Used for storage and advertising

[Suitable for enterprises]: advertising bags, environmental protection bags, shopping bags, handbags, outdoor packaging bags for companies

[Packing method]: 50 pieces in a box

[Minimum order quantity]: 2000PCS