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Vacuum composite packaging bag

Product introduction
The composite food packaging bag is mainly used to hold nuts, which is mainly to facilitate storage, and to reduce waste and maintain the blind taste of food.

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category: Food packaging

  • Product details

The composite bag is suitable for vacuum packaging or general packaging of food, electronic products, chemicals, medicine, tea, precision instruments and advanced defense products.

Raw materials: OPP, PE, POF, PPE, PP, composite film, etc.

The process is divided into: side sealing bag, bottom sealing bag, middle sealing bag, three side sealing. They are all made with different machines.

1. Material: BOPP/LLDPE two-layer composite

Features: moisture-proof, cold-resistant, low-temperature heat-sealing strength;

Uses: instant noodles, snacks, frozen snacks, powder packaging, etc.

2. Material: BOPP/CPP two-layer composite

Features: moisture-proof, oil-resistant, high transparency, good stiffness;

Uses: instant noodles, biscuits, candies, all kinds of light foods.

3. Material: BOPP/VMCPP composite

Features: moisture-proof, oil-resistant, oxygen-proof, shading, good stiffness;

Uses: all kinds of dry food, fried food, potato chips.

4. Material: BOPP/VMPET/LLDPE three-layer composite

Features: moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, shading;

Uses: all kinds of food, rice snacks, snacks, tea.

5. Material: PET/CPP two-layer composite

Features: moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, fragrance-preserving, high temperature resistance;

Uses: cooking, alcoholic foods, flavored foods.

6. Material: PET/PET/CPP three-layer composite

Features: moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, easy sealing;

Uses: powder packaging, soy sauce, liquid, shampoo.

[Thickness]: customized as required

[Product name]: Vacuum composite packaging bag

[Name]: Food composite packaging bag

[Material]: can be customized according to requirements

[Process]: Copper plate printing, finished products on the machine

[Product size]: generally customized according to the conventional size

[Color]: customized according to customer requirements

[Suitable]: packaging, product advertisements, gifts, etc.

[Suitable for enterprises]: advertising bags, gift bags, flat-pocket corporate outdoor activities packaging bags

[Packing method]: as required

[Minimum order quantity]: minimum order quantity