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PVC Symphony Gift Tote Bag

Product introduction
You can customize gift bags with different illusion effects according to the above picture. You can use the body material of the bag or use the webbing to do the hand. The above are all hand-held gift bags with side and bottom, which can be made with bott

model:Symphony portable

category: Flat Gift Bag

  • Product details

[Thickness]: 40 silk

[Product Name]: PVC Symphony Gift Tote Bag

[Name]: pvc portable gift bag

[Material]: PVC Symphony

[Process]: Silk screen, sewing

[Product size]: 30*40*8

[Color]: Symphony colors can be customized

[Suitable]: packaging, product advertisements, gifts, etc.

[Suitable for enterprises]: advertising bags, gift bags, flat-pocket corporate outdoor activities packaging bags

[Packing method]: a single set of plastic bags, 80 pieces in a box

[Minimum order quantity]: can be customized according to requirements, the minimum order is 1000.