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Do you think the customer is here to place an order? I didn't expect to come here to bargain.

Last Saturday, an inquiry from a client aroused my interest. There were four bags, one paper bag and three canvas bags. They were advertising bags of a famous training institution in the first tier cities of China. At that time, I looked at the craft, design and quantity of each style. After accounting for the cost, I have a hunch that our price must meet the needs of customers.

So the quotation went out. Because of the reason on Saturday, the customer didn't reply in time after receiving the quotation. When he came back on Monday, he received a reply and asked us to send samples. He said that the time was very fast. We immediately confirmed the materials and printing plant, including the workshop's list and design draft, and told the customer that this time could be achieved You have to sign the contract immediately and pay the deposit.

Then the customer replied that we would like to confirm with his customer again. At this time, my heart was in suspense. The customer who contacted us is not the end customer. He has to confirm with his customer, which may be a delay. The key is not sure whether he said the time is really urgent or what? After we confirmed all the operation links here, he did not reply.

One day later, I started to contact again this morning to say that it was confirmed. I placed an order today, and the delivery must be made on the 16th. The design draft has some changes. Re confirm whether the method and construction period are OK. So we reviewed the draft again, and reconfirmed that all the links were settled. After that, the customer came to the company in the afternoon to confirm that the fabric color and quantity were OK. Finally, we sent a formal quotation sheet to the company. We mentioned the payment requirements. He always said that it was ok, and said that their company paid the money quickly. The key is that we should cooperate well.

I always feel something is wrong, but I can't tell what's wrong. Because this is a colleague's customer, I was also involved in the pricing and validation process.

After the customer left, I had a premonition that the customer would not be able to deal today. Sure enough, soon after my colleagues issued the price list, they began to bargain. We had to do the price without tax. I said no way. With less quantity and more styles, we need to develop a new customer.

At this time, in fact, I have doubts about whether the customer has received this order. If not, I will not communicate with us actively and make a special trip. If so, why do you have to bargain at the last step, and in the case of tight delivery time! Are we just one of his suppliers?