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RPET recycled cloth bag

Guangzhou Yufeng Bag Industry Co., Ltd. RPET recycled cloth bag is an environmentally friendly material made from recycled plastic bottles. RPET stands for recycled polyester fiber, which is a type of polyester fiber that has been recycled, processed, and reused. The production process of this type of cloth bag mainly includes the following steps: recycling discarded plastic bottles and other polyester products from garbage bins and other places, then crushing and washing these plastics, and then going through processes such as melting, tearing, and spinning to finally produce textiles


RPET recycled fabric bags have many advantages, such as recyclability, effective reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, and energy savings of nearly 80% compared to conventional processes for producing polyester fibers. Due to the use of environmentally friendly recycled yarn in its production process, it is also a green and environmentally friendly recycled fabric.帆布手提袋15.jpg

The RPET Lixin fabric produced has been widely used by Yufeng Bag Industry as an environmentally friendly shopping bag material in recent years. The weight of the fabric used for lamination is generally 65-130 grams, and the weight of the fabric used for printing is generally 130-300 grams. It can be made into product bags through screen printing and heat transfer printing, and the thickness and weight range of the material can be adjusted according to different customer needs.