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Customers of high-quality eco-bags never say anything, but go directly to the topic

The most popular customer of environmental protection bags is probably like this, sending samples, quotations, making boards, and placing orders. Never say a word that is useless, and we don’t need to be polite between us. I haven't even seen it before. But it has produced a very strong viscosity.

This probably means that people with the same opinions can be attracted in the air!

Yesterday I saw Tess say that raising a client as a child (rather than a lover) will result in?

No matter how big the conflicts between parents and children, they will be resolved. No matter what parents do for the children's good, the only people in the world who won't hurt you should be your parents.

The relationship between lovers is different. Occasionally speaking a word out loud or saying nothing right will make the other person sad, sad and then unable to let go of it for a long time.

Is the relationship between you and your client a parent-child relationship or a lover relationship?