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What about non-woven shopping wine bags exported to foreign shopping malls?

Non-woven shopping bags, also known as vest bags, have long been all the rage in Europe and the United States, and have become the darling of foreigners' car trunks. Common ones are plastic vest bags and non-woven vest bags. These two vests can be seen everywhere around us. It has been widely used in supermarkets and large shopping malls.

Plastic vest bags are one of the common plastic bags, named after their shapes resemble vests. The plastic vest bag is easy to make and has a wide range of uses. They have become indispensable necessities in people's daily life and provide great convenience for people. But it also caused environmental pollution. For this reason, the state has issued a "plastic restriction order", prohibiting the production of single-sided T-shirt bags with less than 2.5 filaments in order to limit the number of T-shirt bags. In order to prevent environmental pollution from affecting the climate, some countries have stopped using plastic bags.

Therefore, the non-woven bag vest bag is also called the environmental protection bag, the appearance is the same as the plastic bag, but it is made of non-woven fabric, which is a degradable environmental protection material. The non-woven shopping bag is environmentally friendly and reusable. It is strongly advocated by the country and has become the new favorite of supermarkets and shopping malls.

Non-woven shopping bag

Plastic restriction orders have been issued for many years, but consumers seldom use non-woven bags as purchasing tools. Perhaps because of the lack of such a practical and beautiful shopping bag?

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Non-woven shopping bags make the shopping experience more comfortable and full of luxury.