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Purple school bag environmental protection bag

Children's schoolbag is a schoolbag that can hold brochures and stationery, but there are many types of brochures, all made of ordinary fabrics such as canvas. If God has shoulders, useful children will thrive. There is also a shoulder, a lever.

Children’s schoolbags are in Chinese, and schoolbags are in foreign languages; materials and fabric application methods; shoulders, shoulders, hands, hands, use; holding books; stationery sinks; advocating total sinking; 10% of the body sinking of the backpack; originating plate; ancient books bag.

Introduction; children's schoolbag is a kind of schoolbag that can hold books; stationery. Let's just say that there are various books and bags, all made of ordinary cloth, such as canvas. They are worn on the back, and the bag is generally divided into several columns. Generally divided into three types, carry on the back, slung on the shoulder, wheel type (may wish to drag it). Yufeng ordered children’s schoolbags: size: 45 cm high, 32 cm wide, 20 cm thick. Weight: 0.65 kg. Surface: purple. Material: 100% polyester fabric; lining 100% polyester.


1. Both the zipper and the back of the bag have English lettering, which is more visual and more in line with the child's mood;

2. The main bag is sealed with a metal zipper, there are two layers of separate bags, one is a zipper bag, and the other is a shock-proof negative wear;

3. There are two sub-bags on the back of the bag, both of which are zippered and streamlined. There is money in the central sub-bag, and a pencil case is inserted;

4. Both sides of the wide mouth are inserted into the bag, the capacity is large, and the sundries can be conveniently placed, and the Japanese-style button can adjust the tightness;

5. The shoulder structure on the back is arranged in an arc. It may be advisable to automatically adapt to the arrangement form, carefully handle children with different shapes, make the back straight, the shoulders more labor-saving, and a portable ring;

6. These materials are all environmentally friendly materials, there are no eight major metals and poisons, quiet and prosperous;

7. It is made of ultra-light high-grade EVA inflation compression molding, and the outer layer is covered with high-grade nylon, which has the effect of anti-collision and compression;

8. The side wall is shaped to protect the shape, anti-wrinkle, make the back straight and protect the body shape;

Upper hand

1. Children's smart quiet schoolbag has a built-in global positioning system. Parents can check the status of their children through their mobile phones at any time, understand their whereabouts, and ensure their peace.

2. This product is implanted with a smart light-emitting chip, which will shine when doing things. The opening is separated by more than 50 meters, which can effectively indicate passing vehicles.

3. The smart luminous body adopts waterproof arrangement, which can directly wash the schoolbag.

Industry Trends

Following the popularity of people's survival and consumption, various bags have become indispensable decorations around people. People are begging for luggage products not only to consolidate in practicality, but also to expand in cosmetics.

According to changes in consumer tastes, the materials of bags are more diversified. Quality bags such as leather, PU, polyester, canvas, cotton and linen lead the fashion trend. At the same time, in the era of increasing individuality, various styles such as simplicity, rejuvenation, and cartoons have also met the needs of fashionable people to relax their individuality from different aspects. The form of luggage has also expanded from stubborn business bags, school bags and travel bags to pencil bags, coin purses and small sachets. Prices are rising, and materials are becoming more and more exotic!

Let's put it this way, many schoolbag consumers have begun to pay more attention to the schoolbag responsibility system. Many books and various types of advancement plans for school are very heavy, which makes apprentices too tired to remember. According to the auditor of Guangzhou Yufeng Bag Industry Co., Ltd., children’s schoolbags are indispensable, but let’s say that many bookbags on the market are stubborn. The most obvious thing is that they do not relieve pressure and are easy to break. In addition, many colleges and parents have called on some businesses to start with decompression when sorting schoolbags. The second is to popularize quality.

Reducing the burden on children's schoolbags "burden reduction" has always been a topic of concern to the masses. Do you know the weight of the schoolbag? US <:Survival>: An article in the magazine pointed out that the weight of a backpack should not exceed 10% of the weight of the backpack. The children of the American Physical Society use backpacks. The double-shoulder method can separate the weight of the backpack, thereby reducing the possibility of body distortion. It is a good practice to wrap other lever books around the body. In addition, it is very important to properly place the items in the schoolbag. The heaviest items are placed near the back. Good children's schoolbag 10 relax children's schoolbags Let me say that the situation of children's schoolbags on the market is mainly based on the situation of animation, with its own creation and brand owners. It is best to choose treasures that make children feel comfortable and gratified. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the consumer manufacturers of book bags. General merchants can only be authorized by viewing the consumption skills and glorious quality of authorized merchants at the authorized time and city. Therefore, when buying children's school bags, you should look for good product vendors.