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Manufacturing technology and process of advertising bags

Although the manufacturing of advertising bags is simple, the whole process is still a bit complicated to sew good products. Below we will learn more about the selection and methods of Oxford cloth.

The first is to choose fabrics. Good fabrics can add luster to the produced Oxford cloth bags and attract advertising effects. The choice of materials should choose the kind of surface that has no pleats and the back glue should choose PU primer. The horizontal and vertical tension difference is small, and the hand feel Harder Oxford cloth.

The harder fabric can stand up, highlighting the three-dimensional vision of the Oxford cloth advertising bag, and it can hold many items for storage. In the choice of fabric weight, 420D is suitable. It is best to have a matching color and LOGO on the surface. The materials of different colors facilitate the visual matching of later printing, and the overall effect will be comfortable.

After selecting the entire material, the big roll advertising bag is made into a bag, which is planted and cut into pieces, strips of small fabrics. Generally, we will measure the size and then open the paper grid and make the grinding tools, and then use the automatic slicer or cutting machine to cut. Of course, this looks simple, but we must master the texture of the material horizontally and vertically.

After opening the material of the bag, take out the film according to the content to be printed. After drying the film, check to see if the film is leaking or blocked, make sure that the printed content is intact, and adjust the necessary ink for manual printing.

If the bag is beautiful, it needs to be printed by hand. In this case, although the speed is a bit slow, after the printing is dry, move it to the sewing workshop and sew it on a locomotive. According to certain specifications and styles, it is the same as sewing clothes. , Hemming, etc. are sewn together, which becomes the advertising bag of the products we see.