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Introduction and advantages of canvas shopping bag

How much does a custom-made canvas bag cost? The price of canvas bag production is related to the following: size, printing drawings, materials, craftsmanship, accessories, styles, etc., and the quantity will tell the manufacturer. They will give you a quotation for these. You can see the format of the quotation to judge the other party. Professional standards, (This is just a reference, some manufacturers directly give you the unit price, maybe they do more professionally, you can see at a glance, too busy to make a quote for you, this is understandable) Then choose a few manufacturers to visit Look at the factory, face to understand the situation, and then determine which one to make the goods. Generally speaking, there are differences between the workmanship and the method of each house, and the price of course also differs. So don't just look at the price, but the quality of the real production. If there is no quality and the price, it is a pile of garbage. Advantages of canvas bags 1. The material of the canvas bag is the same as the material of the cotton bag. Cotton is taken from nature. It is said that it is environmentally friendly. 2. Canvas bags, the most important cost is the fabric, and some non-woven bags use environmentally friendly ink. Generally, you will not cut corners to save a little money (unless the manufacturer is blinded by it). It's environmentally friendly. 3. Durable and durable. I noticed that the fabric of the eco-friendly canvas bag that has been used for two years has no damage, but the thread is opened in some places (sometimes heavy things are pressed, and the manufacturer does not do it well), so the workmanship is the exquisite manufacturer Yes, this is from the publicity time. 4. Canvas shopping bags have more fabrics and more lines, most of which are fine and smooth. The printing and imaging effect is very good. 5. It is also easier to clean, there will be a little deformation after washing, because pure cotton will shrink. This is much stronger than non-woven fabrics. The advantages of canvas bags are simple: strong, durable, environmentally friendly, and reusable. It's that simple.