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What do you rely on to successfully harvest orders?

As the person in charge of the website, I have seven years of website operation experience. Although I run this website, I can't wait to receive as many orders as possible. The more orders, the more valuable I am. I have also operated other B2B platforms, and the corporate website of my official website has also been operated before, so our plan this year is to open another platform. I started to contact the company's official website in 2013, and the company started to build a new corporate site on September 2, 2020 to improve the company and its own performance.

In fact, as a website operator, in addition to our necessary product knowledge, the most important thing is to build a website that can attract customers. Therefore, after the website was launched, our colleagues worked together to complete product photography, bedding, template production, etc., and carefully build their own product platform. This work is very important and a successful step.

Since our products are not complicated and professional, we did not have many customers to inquire in the first month, and rarely received inquiries. Our colleagues continue to optimize the product. In the second month, after receiving a new inquiry, we added WeChat to our customers and sent them pictures of the products they wanted. The key is video: We send videos of several groups of customers directly to new customers. Because in the past, when old customers came to the company, I also asked them to do some English promotion for our products. Now these videos are in the hands of our new customers, this is the real product. Through our professional explanation and introduction, after discussing with customers, we still have great hope of success.

In the gift bag industry, be calm when talking to customers. In this way, we waited for nearly half a month, during which the customer didn't say anything, just occasionally asked hello and didn't mention the product, so I thought of using the delivery video to try again. We have collected some videos of old customers delivering and loading cars, we keep making circles every day, and there are also some comments from customers about big sales in the market. After nearly a week, we finally got some good news from our customers, saying that we can order 2000 gift bags and go to the market in their country to try. During the period, customers are still changing orders repeatedly, but we did not bother. On the contrary, we patiently analyzed and suggested some product specifications that he needed to order. Listening to our analysis, the final customer increased the order volume by 3000, without reducing the price. I think the reason why customers make such a decision is also out of trust in us.

After receiving the first order payment from the enterprise station customer, we ordered material production and delivery. In the process of making and loading the order, we recorded every detail and sent it to the customer, so that the customer has the feeling of on-site inspection. The customer expressed his gratitude and said that it will not be this small order in the near future!

This is a success three months after the launch of our new official website. In my opinion, in addition to the company's product quality needs to be good enough, professional explanations, process documentation, and after-sales service are also very important. As a salesperson, sometimes you must put yourself in the position of the customer to think and analyze things so that you can do better. I hope we can do better in the future, accumulate and win more customers!


Company: Guangzhou Yufeng Bag Industry Co., Ltd.

Product: Gift bag

Collected Works: Hua Tsai