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Shopping bags can be selected in this way to make them more beautiful and fashionable

How many years have passed since the regulations restricting the use of plastic shopping bags? Judging from the current market, there are many types of environmental protection bags, mainly non-woven fabrics, cotton fabrics, polyester and nylon yarns. Most are non-woven fabrics. However, practice has proved that some properties of non-woven fabrics are far inferior to the other three, so in a sense, this also reflects its weaknesses!

The analysis of the above four fabrics is as follows:

1: Robustness: This is mainly reflected in abrasion resistance and bearing capacity. After 500 friction tests on the same machine, the non-woven fabric has been damaged. Pure cotton is a little better, but it has also become hairier, and the texture has changed a bit. The effect of polyester and nylon is the best, basically there is not much change. On the basis of practice, we consulted relevant experts, and the answer is the experimental results we saw, because these fabrics use different raw materials and textile processes! Because the non-woven fabric is directly pressed, just like paper, there is no interwoven yarn, so its wear resistance is very poor! Pure cotton is made of cotton fiber. As we all know, the strength of cotton fiber is unmatched by synthetic fibers! Although polyester is a synthetic fiber, its wet strength and dry strength are almost the same due to its low moisture absorption. And dtex-6.5CN, namely high-strength fiber. Compared with the other three nylon fabrics, in addition to yarn weaving, nylon fabrics are processed with a raw material extracted from minerals, so it has better wear resistance. Polyester itself has no disadvantages! And tested the bearing capacity of nylon yarn in time! (From tying fish and vegetables to net bags to nylon filaments and finally to plastic bags, this may be the beginning of development. When plastic bags are banned, they should also be reversed! After all, nylon is a durable fabric. I believe Practice is truth.

2: Easy to clean and environmentally friendly: The four fabrics are also compared in this link, and non-woven fabrics are not easy to "water in for a long time"! Although pure cotton can be washed, it is not easy to wash and dry because of its thick texture. Only nylon and polyester are good choices! In the real world, environmental protection is not only as simple as replacing disposable plastic bags, but more importantly, it cannot cause waste of resources! Nylon yarn also proved this with time! (Now I have used nylon yarn from my childhood!)

3: Lightweight and fashionable: In terms of convenience, in addition to the inconvenience of pure cotton fabrics, non-woven fabrics, polyester and nylon yarns are all known for their own weight, and the new environmentally friendly shopping bag embodies a humanized design and is convenient for dual use. Timely storage, mutual packaging, small and easy to carry, timely cable blockage, safe and reliable~ But in reality, the most easily deformed is nylon yarn, which has been proven in many developed countries! Although nylon silk is a product of the 20th century, in the 21st century, the changed nylon silk bag leads the trend of the times. This is not only an environmental revolution, but also a fashion wave. It is not only a shopping bag, but also a manifestation of the concept of "caring for the earth and rejecting white pollution" for the whole people, and a symbol of civilization! (Synchronize with the frontier, be in line with international standards, and be in sync with the world)

Love the outdoors, love nature, let us reject white pollution together!