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My bond with bag

Our life is inseparable from the use of bags, shopping bags need to go out shopping, especially after the plastic order to promote the use of environmental protection bags Everyone goes out with a cloth bag. If you buy something, don't put it in a plastic bag. If you buy something, you can put it into a cloth bag directly. After you take it back, you can wash it and put it back for reuse. If there are many sundries at home, you can also use a large canvas bag to store it. It looks neat and beautiful. So how is the bag that everyone is using? How is it made?

When I came out of the society in 2004, I entered a handbag factory as a worker on the assembly line. At that time, I was very excited when I saw the beautiful bags lying in the frame. At that time, I was thinking that if these were all made by myself, I would be too cruel. The workshop director seemed to see through my mind and said to me, study hard and you will not be long after You can make these bags, too. I said happily: really? The director said: sure, have confidence in yourself.

In this way, I began to get familiar with the handbags in this handbag factory. Some seemingly simple handbags were made in the whole process. You think it is just a bag with several edges stitched together. However, what you don't know is that in the process of sewing, the workers also have to be very careful and serious to complete it. I remember once, the director saw me wait a little while and asked me to do it Arm in hand, this is a little more difficult. I was very happy, and thought it was an opportunity to exercise. So I started with full confidence. When I saw the director car, I thought it was so simple. I'm sure it would be OK. Then he picked it up and started the car. As a result, it looked like a simple arm in arm. After more than ten minutes, the car was covered with sweat. The director looked at me and was a little nervous. After several times, the line was still not straight, and the back was slowly straightening. I had a little confidence in myself, and then I accelerated the speed. I buried myself in the car and didn't go to check how my car was. When I worked overtime at night, the director came to the workshop to check and first came to my position. At that time, I was full of expectation that the director could praise me, and finally I saw him Take several of them and then take a serious look at me and say, you can see what your car looks like. There are a lot of lines that are not aligned with each other in the cross part of your hand, and the straight line is also crooked. All of them have to be reworked. I was so stupid that I didn't dare to say a word. Stop what you have on hand, and then take out all the cars in the frame to check one by one. If it doesn't work, all of them will be dismantled and reworked. The heart is particularly aggrieved and sad, but a word also dare not say, oneself is really too arrogant. I thought the car was very good.

The director went to take someone else's car and showed it to me. He said, "you can see if other people's cars are like yours. They start to return the car well, but the back is getting worse and worse.". That is, they didn't go back to check the problems and find the mistakes in time.

I silently listen to the director's teaching regret, in my heart remember what he said, and I dare not be careless again.

A bag, from the purchase of raw materials, to the material department to cut a piece of material, and then transport to the printing plant to complete the printing logo part, as well as the hand-in-hand and binding cutting, and then wiring, so the materials are fully equipped. The car room starts to make from the first process to the final packaging inspection, and the finished product is packed. There are many links in the middle that need to be controlled, each seemingly simple process If there is no very experienced or skilled person to operate, in fact, any link may make mistakes.

When I transferred to the sales department to sell bags, some customers despised them in the process of bargaining, saying: we all know how much cloth these bags are made of and how many people work. Yes, you can know all these things if you ask about them, but most of them you don't know. If every industry is so easy to see through, everyone can do it, What kind of professionals are needed? Professionals are on business trips, not to mention outsiders. In the face of such customers, we are not willing to cooperate, because even if you don't make much money, he thinks you have made a lot of money, because he thinks that he knows how much he costs, but he doesn't know that what he sees is only appearance. He also knows how much space should be left for the factory.